Online pH Meter
Online pH Meter
Features :-
Instrument is very useful in Various Industries Like Chemical, Fertilizer , Pharmaceutical, Dyes & Pigments Power Plant, Food, Water Treatment , Effluent Plant & etc to Measure Correct Acidic & Alkaline Value

 Bright Red  LED displays
Precision indication of pH
Auto Temperature Compensation through PT-100 Temp.Sensor
Front Panel calibration of pH-4 (or pH-9.2) and pH-7
Wall Mounting Panel M.S Powder Coated

Specification :- pH MONITOR(Indicator)
 Display : 3 Digit Red 0.56inch 7 Segment LEDs
 Range : 0.00 to 14.00 pH
 Input Impedance : >1012O
 Auto Temperature : 0 to 100C with external PT100 source Compensation (instrument supplied with resistance corresponding to 25C for PT100)
  Accuracy : 0.5% 1 Digit
 Calibration : Standard pH-7 : 7 1 Slope pH-4 : 4 1
Supply : 220V AC 10%
 Display : 3 Digit LED 0.56 character height
 Range : 0.00 to 14.00 pH
 Auto Temperature : 0-100C using PT100 external sensor Compensation
 Calibration : Standard pH-7 : 7.00 1 Slope pH-4 : 4.00 1
 Alarm Limits : 0 to 14.00 for Acid/Base
 Accuracy : 0.5% 1 Digit
 Input Impedance : >1012 O
 Tx. Output : 4-20mA isolated for 0-14.0 pH
 Relay Output (2 Nos) : Contact rating 5A at 220V AC
 Control Relay Logic : Acid Relay ON for pH > Set Limit ,Base Relay ON for pH < Set Limit
 Consent Contact Output : P-NO contact rating 5A/220V AC ON when pH within ACID& BASE Limits.
 Supply : 220V AC 10% at 50Hz
Specification :- pH DATA LOGGER
 Display : 0.56 Red LED display for pH 0.56 Red LED display for Clock
 Sensor : pH sensor for pH. PT100 sensor for Temperature
 Range : 0.00 to 14.00 pH
 Temp. Comp. : In Auto Mode, 0-100C using PT100 ext. sensor In Manual Mode, settable from front panel from 0-100.0C
 Calibration : 2 Point calibration. Auto buffer recognition of 4.00, 7.00, 9.00 & 10.00 pH
 Input Impedance: >1012 O
 Resolution : 0.01 for pH. 0.1C for temperature
 Logging Rate : 1 second to 99Mins59seconds
 Data Logging : Directly create a .csv file on the Pen Drive (compatible with Excel) giving a tabular format values of Date, Time and selected channels
 Real Time Clock: Adjustable Calendar (Month/Date) and Time (Hrs:Mins)
 Power Supply : 230V AC 15% at 50/60Hz
NOTE: It is necessary to either use an external PT100 temperature sensor for compensation or terminate with a resistance corresponding to the PT100 resistance value at room temperature. The equipment is supplied with a termination resistance for 25˚C.
CALIBRATION PROCEDURE: (At room temperature)
  1. Power on the Instrument ( Ensure Power supply Terminal connection Properly L-Phase ,N-Nutral ,E-Earthing)
  2. Connect pH Electrode at B & C connector
  3. Wash the electrode with distilled water & clean properly.
  4. Deep the Electrode in Standard Buffer Solution of 7.0 pH (Nutral Value)
  5. Check the reading for 7.00 pH , if there is difference adjust the trim pot mark as 7 pH
  6. Wash & Clean the pH electrode & deep in to 4.00 pH (Acidic value)
  7. Check the reading for 4.00 pH , if there is difference adjust the trim pot mark as 4 pH
  8. Wash & Clean the pH electrode & deep in to 9.20 pH  (Alkaline value)
  9. Check the reading for 9.20 pH ,  it will show correct value within accuracy
  10. Wash the electrode with distilled water & clean properly.
  11. After Calibration Instrument is ready for Use.
NOTE:-For Alkaline value Calibration use standard Buffer of 9.2 pH. For Calibration use trim pot mark as 4 pH


Range: 0 to 14pH
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